World Social Justice Day on 20.02.2018

Is that fair?

Tafel Germany on World Social Justice Day on 20.02.2018

Children are at risk of poverty. The poverty rate of single parents is over 40%. In addition, 25% of families with three or more children are at risk of poverty. Poor parents, poor children. Around 360,000 “Tafel “users are under the age of 18.

Is that fair?

Origin makes you poor. 26% of people with a migrant background are in acute danger of poverty. Non-immigrant persons 12%. Meanwhile, about 60% of Tafel customers are non-German.

Is that fair?

Age is a risk of poverty. Nearly 6 million Germans are affected by poverty in old age. 350,000 find support with the “Tafeln”.

Is that fair?

Poverty reports appear year after year. Year after year, the number of people affected by poverty continues to rise. Year after year, social organizations urge the federal government to finally initiate effective measures to combat poverty. Nothing changes year after year. Is that fair? “, Jochen Brühl, Chairman of Tafel Germany on the occasion of tomorrow’s World Day of Social Justice.

25 years of “TAFEL” in Germany.

Also in the future: saving food. Help people.

The more than 930 non-profit “Tafeln” in Germany collect flawless surplus food from manufacturers and traders and distribute it regularly to up to 1.5 million needy people in Germany. This creates a bridge between abundance and want. With around 60,000 volunteers involved in the panels, the panels are one of the largest social-ecological movements in Germany. The “Tafeln” neels are organized in the organization Tafel Deutschland e. V.

Berlin 19.02.2018


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