Logistics in year 2017

In 2017 logistics was once again able to handle large quantities of goods from large-  scale dispensers, picking and portioning them and passing them on to the boards in Saxony. In particular, the distribution of large donations from the field of frozen goods, dairy products, food and non-food goods of large retail chains and discounters, as well as special donations from Tchibo Germany, REWE Group and L´Oreal  Germany were within the focus of our work. We thank these companies and all others here for their great support.

Food donations amounting to 55 tons of regional producers were brought into the donations pool of the Association of Saxony by means of ware and passed on to the other institutions.989 t shipments were made by the national association  handled by major donors of the Tafel Germany e.V. within the member panels of the national association and further distributed regionally. To illustrate this amount of donations once, the volume of goods handled corresponds to approx. 3,956 pallets, which corresponds approximately to a load of 120 large trucks. The donation distribution was carried out exclusively by the volunteers of Logistik, whom we would like to thank for their personal commitment.

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