Help refugees and asylum seekers !

If you, or your company, retailer or community wish to engage as a supporter of TAFELN work with material or financial donors, please let us know about this through our contact forms. We will also be pleased to answer further inquiries about regional table work and volunteer opportunities About projects and promotion. Please also get in contact with the regional table clubs in the cities and districts of Saxony if you would like to apply personally as a private person through donations in kind or voluntary work as supporters.

Plates support war refugees and asylum seekers The TAFEL DEUTSCHLAND has set up a special fund for the integration and participation of refugees and asylum seekers. The Federal Association is supporting the local boards with the aid of “Tafeln – Leben – Integration” (“TAFEL – Life – Integration”) in the implementation of special refugee projects as well as panels whose attendance has increased considerably in the past months.
“Over 250,000 In the meantime, refugees are looking for help and support for the panels, which is an increase of some 15 per cent of the panel users, without additional donations, the panels can not cope with this challenge and have to reject people in emergency situations.  With the additional donations, the short-term additional load on the panels is to be absorbed and thus benefit all panel users. The plight of the many refugees is finally in the focus of the public and many people help volunteer. As a sign, we participate in this help and at the same time do not cease to be an advocate for all our users. We are calling for a policy of co – ordination and support for all refugee aid, but for years we have been pointing to the complete deficit of social policy in our country, “said Brühl, who is also to promote projects to strengthen social cohesion The panels can therefore make a valuable contribution to the reduction of fears and prejudices by encouraging dialogue and understanding with meeting cafés, collective chefs and the integration of refugees into the honorary office.


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