Many thanks to our major sponsors, supporters and cooperating partners.

Unfortunately we can’t name all individual supporters of the food banks here. We would also like to thank the regional and local retail and skilled trades organizations as well as associations and institutions in the Free State of Saxony, among them many bakeries, fruit and vegetable stores, restaurants and private donors who also have done their part in ensuring that the food banks can do their daily work for the needy. We also don’t forget all those who support us in other ways, be it by providing their labour or making small donations of money or needed items that help to strengthen our network of food banks in the interests of citizens in need. For further details, please also refer to the publications of our local food banks.

We would like to say thank you:

  • Hilton hotel Dresden
  • LIDL – central warehouse in Lampertswalde
  • Sachsenmilch AG in Leppersdorf
  • Kühlhaus Frigolanda GmbH
  • Netto warehouse in Thiendorf
  • E.I.B.I. in Dresden
  • Sparkasse Leipzig
  • Philharmonic Dresden and state art collection Dresden
  • Forwarding agency HETSCH
  • car rental – Dieter Pflueckhahn
  • ALDI – central warehouse
  • REWE market Peikert in Dresden
  • EDEKA market in Berbersdorf
  • FROSTA in Lommatzsch
  • Bakery products Dr. Quendt
  • Potato specialties in Grummbach
  • Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH in Berlin
  • ENSO AG in Dresden
  • itacom GmbH in Oschatz
  • Genussart Dresden GmbH
  • Christmas circus – director Mr Mueller-Milano
  • CCG – advertising agency in Dresden
  • Biotec Foerderkreis Freital e.V.
  • Emergency service Stapler in Dresden
  • Heinrich packaging wholesale e.K.
  • Car dealer Holm Wirthgen GmbH and Co KG in Dresden
  • Car dealer Gruma GmbH
  • Dorint hotel in Dresden
  • Agricultural cooperative Gruenlichtenberg e.G.
  • Foundation Dresden


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