Guiding principle

The greatest social movements of the present

In Germany daily many tons of food are destroyed, even though they are still consumable. At the same time, there are millions of people who do not have enough food. The panels create a bridge between overflow and deficiency. They collect high-quality foods that would otherwise land in the garbage and distribute them to socially and economically disadvantaged – free of charge, or to a symbolic amount.  In the regional association of the Saxonian Tafeln are 36 regional societies from the cities and counties from different carriers and confessions are united. .

Our actions are : shaped by the social values ​​of sustainability, humanity, justice, participation and social responsibility.

Food is produced at great expense. Food is valuable. We advocate that the destruction of food be avoided: “food, where it belongs”.



Every person in need is treated with respect, irrespective of his origin, his possibilities and limits; His dignity is respected.



Justice and participation:
Everyone should be given opportunities for personal, cultural, social, school and professional development.



Social responsibility:
Tables take over social action through their actions Responsibility, and remind society of its commitment to all needy and marginalized people.



Tafel Sachsen eV is member of  Tafel Deutschland e.V. (formerly the German  Confederation)

The basic idea of ​​the work consists in providing assistance to the needy (charity), of which the societies basically fulfill their duties voluntarily. It can – if possible and necessary – be supported by differently financed and subsidized employees. In Germany, more than 1.5 million people need food with over 940 tablets, with children and adolescents accounting for just under a third of them.

Needs are people who can only have little money a month, e.g. Because they have a small pension, unemployment benefit I or II, social assistance or basic insurance. For the help of the aid, where the most urgent need is needed, the panels can be used to prove the needs of their customers through official documents.

Societies TAFELN”  help all People, who need help

The majority of the societies extend the donated foodstuffs to the needy with fixed tabletop shops or delivery points. Many local societies offer several types of support, tailored to the on-demand needs. The direct contribution to the work of the TAFEL, such as, The expenses for maintenance of the logistics, e.g. Of the transport vehicles, refinanced.

Everyone gives what he can!

The societies-tabeles are financed by donations. A large number of companies are operating across the whole of Germany.  According to the motto “Everyone gives it what they can” the give a food or maturity coupons, the others repair free blackboard vehicles or design advertisements – from the local retail to the internationally active Group. 50,000 people in Germany, of which up to 5.000 in the Free State of Saxony, support voluntarily in their free time contribute with their know-how, or work as helpers on site, as drivers, consultants or service providers for the panels.

Support us, any help is welcome


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