Regional Association of the State of Saxony

Welcome to the information Portal –Regional Association of Saxon Food Banks

The regional association is the umbrella organization of a network of food banks currently made up of 39 food banks from every region of the Free State of Saxony. The regional association’s job is to vigorously support its members and take care of the following:

  • provide guidance, support and help with problems of the food banks
  • representing all food banks in dealings with government agencies in the  Free State of Saxony
  • coordinating media and public relations work with policy makers and associations

The food banks supply those in need and social organisations with food. Some of the food banks offer breakfasts for children and soup kitchens for the needy and run clothing stores with donated clothes.

The food banks do a lot for cultural and sporting events to ensure that these are accessible to socially disadvantaged citizens (children’s parties, local events, annual food bank concerts of the Dresden Philharmonic together with the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections), whose patronage was taken over by the President of the Saxon State Assembly, Dr. Matthias Rößler.
Since 2016, ceremonies honouring donors and supporters have taken place under the auspices of the Saxon Minister of State for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, Barbara Klepsch. The work of the food banks is exclusive voluntary and needs more attention from the state and the public as well as their appreciation and support.

In the year 2016, the National Association made the 10th year of its existence.
The work of the Saxon tables was determined in 2016 by the following facts and figures

About 1,500 volunteer volunteers saved about 15-16 thousand tons of food in 900 markets by destroying them and distributing them to socially needy persons and families.

In the free-market, over 140 thousand persons in need of social assistance (including children) are currently being looked after and catered for in approximately 165 places. The average increase in table customers is between about 15 and 20%. In order to ensure the food safety / hygiene according to HACCP, approx. 60 refrigerated transport vehicles (mostly partly financed) are used. The average overall driving performance of the vehicles from Saxon tables covers over 60 thousand km per year . The panels are also committed to the provision of food for asylum seekers from war refugees. The national logistics of the panels distributed a total of 971 tonnes of goods to the regional panels in 2016. Of this, 785 t. Independently acquired and brought into the country pool by regional panels. 186 tons of foodstuffs, were placed at the disposal of the Federal Association of Saxony, via the German Federation of Boards, by large sponsors. In order to illustrate this quantity of goods, this corresponds to the number of 117  truckloads a ’33 pallets of 250 kg each.

In 2016, 19 regional FOOD BANKS (Tafeln) panels participated in panel meetings in your regions, in which they called for a sustainable and careful handling and destruction of foodstuffs.

The work of the “panels” is exclusively “voluntary” and requires increased state and public attention, appreciation and Support


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