Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Again the year turns and can not wait to start as a New Year. What does it have in store for us? First comes the Christmas season. With the sound of bells and the glow of lights, with hope, it fulfills us completely, that in the future, above all else, we will succeed in fulfilling the dream of mankind – not just a vow under the tree of light. To become more peaceful and just, for our happiness on earth. With this in mind, we wish our helpers, assistants and all table customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for your trust.

Dresden –  December 2018

The Board  of “Tafel Sachsen e.V.”


Saxon “TAFEL” promote transnational food rescue

Saxon “TAFEL” promote transnational food rescue projects within the European Union

At the end of October, four members of the regional board “Tafel Sachsen e.V.” met with members of parliament and staff of the European Parliament in Strasbourg at the invitation of the Saxon MEP Hermann Winkler to discuss the theme “Food saving, helping people“.
These extremely constructive discussions focused on the development of the social level in the Eastern European member states, on the effective handling of the high-quality food and on the constructive contribution of the various panels to poverty alleviation in Germany and neighboring countries.  The main point of agreement was the attitude of the TAFELN towards political and economic positions in the context of a European social policy that focuses on the social needs of sections of the population of neighboring  European states.
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