Review of the year 2019

At first the most important figures of ou statistics – but not so seriously

Can you imagine 47 african elephants walking through the Vogtland to Fritz-Ebert-Straße in Reichenbach? They don´t. But 47 elephants equals the 281 tons of fooddonations the volunteers collected in 2019.

Our Drivers didn´t take part in Cannonball Race. But they drove a distance from Reichenbach over Berlin, Amsterdam, Lissabon, Gibraltar to Equatoiral Guinea and one time around the equator.

Our volunteers worked 23,000 Hours without payment. Thats a calculated 2.6 years. Thank you for giving your time for foodbank and the people, who need our help.

In the year 2019 we counted 11,948 vistis in our foodbank. we helped 11,948 times to fill the plates.

But we also organized a party for childrens day, the everyyaer “Tafeltag” whether ist summer heat or the Advent market, on the only cold day this winter – he foodbank was present.

Now ist time to say “Thank you!” to the supermarkets, discounters, bakers, private gardeners and beekeepers for their fooddonations.

But there are also the conveying members, who give regularly money and other donors as well who help us to pay for different costs. Representative of everyone we would to mention the Company Schott-Winter from Lengenfeld, the Vogtlandbahn, the Volksbank Vogtland, “Sternquell hilft” such as municipality of Reichenbach, the distrikt Vogtlandkreis and the state of Saxnoy.

The next “Thank you!” goes to des Custumers of Rewe for the donated foodbags, to the costumers of Lidl for donation of bottle deposit an last but not least to the costumers of dm-market in Fraureuth for the tree of wisches for Christmas.

Thanks to all!

In 2020 we hope to continue the good collaboration with all our donors and helpers.

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