20 years foodbank in Reichenbach – a reason to have a party?

20 years ago, on March 19th, the foodbank Reichenbacher Tafel opend its doors for the first time.

It started with a handful guests and some donors of food. One donated car went every day to the supermarkets and bakeries to collected food from them. Sometimes the volunteers went with their private cars to the donors.

In those 20 years a lot of changes happened.

In 2003 the volunteers founded an association to save the foodbank. In 2005 the Reichenbacher Tafel moved to a new domicile, the “Haus der Vereine” because the rooms in the old one were to small.

Today we help 200 to 300 people a week, more than 50 donors give us the food to help. Our drivers go with two new refrigerate vehicles to collect this. In our rooms we have a cold room and a cooling rack because we have to secure the cool chain.

All this equipment was possible to buy because a lot of people donated money for this, for example the customer of Lidl – they donated the bottle deposit. Last year we could buy some hygienic aluminum tables and a new cabinet for work clothes.

Every week 200 to 300 people come to the foodbank to get bread, cake, vegetables, fruits and so on. The volunteers and we help gladly, but we want to stop our work immediately, if all people can life from their income.

A jubilee is time for saying Thanks to all the people, who helped to go this way. As first we thank the volunteers. Some of them worked, in the last year alone more than 1000 hours without payment. Our eldest volunteer will celebrate her 80th Birthday in the summer and she stays young by working with us.

Secondly we thank all our donors. If the supermarkets and bakeries don’t give the food to us, the tables stay empty. If there is no one, who donates money, the vehicles stand still and the guests cannot get help.

At the moment we look for drivers for our refrigerate vehicles. If you have a driver licence and you are able to drive such a car, you can call us: 03765 717893.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all our donors, friends and guests!

Many Thanks for the help last years and weeks to our volunteers!

We wish you a diligent Easter Bunny and many sweets for the children.

Have some nice days!

The Team of foodbank

The new outdoor area at the „Haus der Vereine“ is opened

29th May 2017 – after 10 years waiting – the mayor of Reichenbach im Vogtland, Raphael Kürzinger, opened the new outdoor area for official use by the Reichenbacher Tafel and the other clubs in this house.

The Foodbank Reichenbacher Tafel e. V. organized a small party for all guests with a tombola with attractive winnings, for children a wheel of fortune, presents for the beginning of school, some sweets and juice. The Member of Saxon Parliament Stephan Hösl donated a barbecue with delicious sausages and the city council donated alcohol free drinks.

A big surprise was a check the members of Lions Club brought with them – 1500 Euro for the foodbank to work on.

The guests could inform themselves about the work of foodbank Reichenbacher Tafel and they enjoyed the day in sunny weather with interesting discussions.

Welcome to the Website of the foodbank „Reichenbacher Tafel“

Since 1999 the foodbank “Reichenbacher Tafel” helps needy people with food and consumer goods.

Every day our volunteers are on the road with two refrigerated vehicles to collect food and other consumer goods donated by discounters, supermarkets, bakeries and other. After collecting the food other volunteers control these, sort and portioning the delivered food to give these to the guests of foodbank.

Since 2008 guests of the Reichenbacher Tafel need a card (so called “Tafelausweis”) to get food. You decide if you want to go to Reichenbach, Lengenfeld or Netzschkau. It´s not possible for you to use all shops of foodbank or to switch between the shops without permission.

For the card you have to provide the following documents:

  • If you are unemployed:
    • The decision you get from Jobcenter or ARGE
  • The child benefit decision (if you have one or more Children)
  • If you are asylum seeker
    • The decision of asylum seekers benefit
  • If you are pensioner
    • The decision of pension
    • Or the decision of pension for full employment reduction
  • Merit certificate
  • Or other documents concerning your income

Depending on the number of people in the household, there are limits of income. To get information about your limit, please contact us.

The foodbank “Reichenbacher Tafel” you can find in Reichenbach, in Netzschkau and in Lengenfeld.

Town Adress Map Day Opening time
Reichenbach Fritz-Ebert-Straße 25 Here you find us: Monday and Wednesday Numbers
Opening time
13:30 to 15:30
Friday Numbers
Opening time
10:30 to 12:00
Lengenfeld Engelgasse 6 Here you find us : Tuesday 13:45 to 15:00
Netzschkau Town hall (entrance
behind the town hall)
Here you find us : Thursday 13:00 to 14:00

If you have any questions please contact us:

Phone                                   03765 717893

Email                       mailto:info@reichenbacher-tafel.de