The Oberlausitzer Tafel

Save Food- Help People

The association Oberlausitzer Tafel e.V. was founded in May 1999 with the aim of helping people in social and financial distresses to protect food from spoiling and to give citizens the opportunity to get involved in the common good. Unemployment, family problems or illness can often be the cause of a social decline. This may mean that spending on food is to be reduced so as to have financial margins available for the unavoidable cost of living.  Here, too, one of the guiding principles on which the table movement is built is one. As in more than 900 panels in Germany.
We support ALG-2 recipients, basic and social beneficiaries, low-pensioners, trainees, students and persons with no income through our five issuing centers.

Thanks to our many regional donors and sponsors, we can offer the needy a comprehensive product offer as “Zubrot”.  But not only foodstuffs are available, but also goods of daily use (hygiene articles, household goods, etc.) can be purchased from us.


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