Member Meeting saxon food banks

Members of the Association of Saxon Food Banks

On 19 April 2017, the General Assembly of the National Association of  Saxon Food Banks (“TAFELN“) in Dresden. The chairman and the deputy gave an account of the activities and results of your work during the past year. Particularly noteworthy here is the high appreciation and confidence which representatives of the Saxonian policy place in the work of the panels of the Free State. We were also pleased that we were able to welcome Imke Eisenblätter, Deputy Chairman  German Food Banks to the Annual General Meeting.  Behind the Saxon Food Banks are achievements, regional food banks, and the logistics, which in 2016 about approximately 1.000 t goods from producers and the trade changed and distributed. Regional panels collected about 15,000 tonnes of food from the markets in 2016 in the free market to redistribute them to the needy. The free-market Saxony can also point to outstanding results in efforts to eliminate food. In the next few years, the panels will have to pay a lot of attention to the uniform external representation and the recognition value of the MARKTABLE. Read more Member Meeting saxon food banks


Statement on allegations  against Dresdner food bank e.V. Berlin, February 23, 2017

An examination of the allegations against Dresdner Tafel e.V. has shown in the first step that on the basis of the documents presented at the present time there is no reason to proceed from criminal proceedings in the loans granted by Dresdner Tafel e.V. This also includes the fact that the chairman of Dresdner Tafel e.V is not currently suspected of having personally enriched himself with the loans given by Dresdner Tafel e.V. In a second step, the final audit is carried out by an auditor. This is to be started at the end of March. In order to support Dresdner Tafel e.V. in his work in future, an advisory board will be formed in the near future. Among other things, this will consist of experienced representatives from different organizations. In the first phase, the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband will support the organization of the advisory board and its anchoring in the statutes of the Dresdner Tafel e.V. The aim of the constitution of the advisory board is to ensure the continuation and transparency of the work of the Dresden board in the sense of the people in need. An interruption of the work of the Dresdner Tafel to the detriment of innocent want all parties involved in any case to avoid. These are the results of the Round Table on Table Work in Dresden, which the Federal Association of German Food banks, on 21 February 2017, had invited. The representatives of the CDU, the SPD, the Greens, the left in the city council, as well as the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband, Caritas and Diakonie, were present in addition to the representatives of the Federal Association, the National Association of Saxon Food banks and the Dresdner Tafel. The aim of the discussion was the clarification of the most recently published allegations against the Dresdner Tafel e.V. as well as the joint elaboration of further steps to ensure the smooth operation of the table in favor of the needy and in the sense of the statutes of the federation. After acquaintance with the allegations, the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. and the Sächsische Tafeln e.V. had commissioned an external  examine the facts intensively and in detail. The Dresdner Tafel e.V. has supported these efforts to clarify. The Federal Association is grateful to all those involved who have committed themselves and worked together on the constructive solution in favor of the needy in Dresden. Special thanks go to the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband, which has also offered its assistance to the Advisory Board.

new vehicel transfer

The Saxon Minister for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, Mrs. Barbara Klepsch, today solemnly handed over to the chairman of the national association a VW refrigerated truck. In the future, Also for the procurement and redistribution of the goods donations to and from the Saxonian camp of the Logistik in Dresden and the regional plates are used. We also thank the company VW Holm Wirthgen Dresden, and vehicle development Hahlbrock, which configured the vehicle to our wishes.
In the picture: Impression of the vehicle transfer in the Bäckerei- and Konditorengenossenschaft Sachsen-Brandenburg eG to the national association Sächsische Tafeln eV. Following the key handover, the Minister of State Klepsch, together with the chairman of the national association of the Saxon tables, Joachim Rolke and the chairman of BÄKO Ost chairman Roland Ermer, loaded the vehicle