concert of the Dresdner Philharmonie.

Dear Tafel- friends, – girlfriends, dear Costumer,
dear helpers and supporters of the Tafelnels in Saxony,

The State Executive of Tafel Sachsen e.V., together with cooperation partners Hillton Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, is looking forward to the annual concert of the Dresdner Philharmonie. This will take place on Saturday, December 22, 2018, at 4:30  pm. in the Dresden Palace of Culture. Let us take this day as an opportunity to get in the mood for the coming Christmas holidays and the New Year in a festive and contemplative atmosphere. We would like to welcome you to this.
After 2:30 o’ clock before the concert a festive coffee round takes place in the banquet hall of the Dresdner Hilton hotel, also for the volunteer helpers of the Tafelarbeit in Dresden and surrounding area.  For this we would like to invite you as well.

Due to the personal participation of the Saxon Prime Minister this year, there is a great interest in the concert in the Kulturpalast, so we ask you already today to send the required number of concert tickets via the special e-mail address 

karten @ landesverband-saechsische-

Until 26th November 2018 to order. We strive to accommodate all your wishes and look forward to seeing you. The concert will be performed by the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitri Kitajenko: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Suite from the opera “The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh” (1907)Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Excerpts from the ballet “The Nutcracker” (1892)
No. 13- Flower Waltz and No. 14 Dance of the Sugar Fairy – Pas de deux

 We look forward to an unforgettable concert experience

Regional Council Tafel Sachsen e.V.


Statement Essener Tafel

Berlin, 02/02/2018


For the current coverage of the Tafel Essen e.V., the Tafel Deutschland e.V.

New customers of the independent association SkF Essener Tafel e.V., who do not have a German passport, are recently listed on a waiting list for the distribution of goods. The reason for this is the last significant increase in the number of customers and the need to relax the resulting situation on the ground. Jochen Brühl, chairman of the umbrella organization Tafel Deutschland eV, explains: “The goal and task of all the boards is to distribute food to all those in need and to alleviate acute hardship.” Our need is based on need and not on origin then this is only due to situations that can not be handled differently by the local volunteers “. Jörg Sartor, Chairman of Tafel Essen eV, says: “We want to do justice to all the people who come to us, given the situation in the dispensaries, we had no other way of dealing with the challenge, and we hope the situation will soon move on improves that we no longer have a waiting list All previous customers of the Essen board are supported as usual with food “.
Brühl adds: “The fact that conditions in Germany are now so dramatic shows the enormous misconduct of politics in recent years, and we expect the new government to finally address the country’s most pressing issues and provide sustainable solutions for the acute ones It can not and must not be outsourced by the state “.



World Social Justice Day on 20.02.2018

Is that fair?

Tafel Germany on World Social Justice Day on 20.02.2018

Children are at risk of poverty. The poverty rate of single parents is over 40%. In addition, 25% of families with three or more children are at risk of poverty. Poor parents, poor children. Around 360,000 “Tafel “users are under the age of 18.

Is that fair?

Origin makes you poor. 26% of people with a migrant background are in acute danger of poverty. Non-immigrant persons 12%. Meanwhile, about 60% of Tafel customers are non-German.

Is that fair?

Age is a risk of poverty. Nearly 6 million Germans are affected by poverty in old age. 350,000 find support with the “Tafeln”.

Is that fair?

Poverty reports appear year after year. Year after year, the number of people affected by poverty continues to rise. Year after year, social organizations urge the federal government to finally initiate effective measures to combat poverty. Nothing changes year after year. Is that fair? “, Jochen Brühl, Chairman of Tafel Germany on the occasion of tomorrow’s World Day of Social Justice.

25 years of “TAFEL” in Germany.

Also in the future: saving food. Help people.

The more than 930 non-profit “Tafeln” in Germany collect flawless surplus food from manufacturers and traders and distribute it regularly to up to 1.5 million needy people in Germany. This creates a bridge between abundance and want. With around 60,000 volunteers involved in the panels, the panels are one of the largest social-ecological movements in Germany. The “Tafeln” neels are organized in the organization Tafel Deutschland e. V.

Berlin 19.02.2018


Logistics in year 2017

In 2017 logistics was once again able to handle large quantities of goods from large-  scale dispensers, picking and portioning them and passing them on to the boards in Saxony. In particular, the distribution of large donations from the field of frozen goods, dairy products, food and non-food goods of large retail chains and discounters, as well as special donations from Tchibo Germany, REWE Group and L´Oreal  Germany were within the focus of our work. We thank these companies and all others here for their great support.

Food donations amounting to 55 tons of regional producers were brought into the donations pool of the Association of Saxony by means of ware and passed on to the other institutions.

989 t shipments were made by the national association  handled by major donors of the Tafel Germany e.V. within the member panels of the national association and further distributed regionally. To illustrate this amount of donations once, the volume of goods handled corresponds to approx. 3,956 pallets, which corresponds approximately to a load of 120 large trucks. The donation distribution was carried out exclusively by the volunteers of Logistik, whom we would like to thank for their personal commitment.

2018 first work meeting


2.02.2018 until 3.02.2018, the board of the Landesverband Saxony Tafeln e.V. invited its members to this year’s work-meeting  The focus of the event was the perspective orientation of the work with the Tafel in 2018. At the event in the nature park hotel “Haus Hubertus” in the spa town of Oybin (Zittau Mountains), the board of the national association advised about 50 representatives from 22 regional institutions on the implementation investment subsidies by the Free State towards the Saxon panel organizations. This part of the consultation was accompanied by speakers from the Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection and the Saxon Development Bank